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Neil Diamond – The Non-conformist Marching Song lyrics

Hold the line, staunch non-conformist
We've a sacred rendezvous
To you breast clutch tightly your list
Things we're non-conforming to

Banners high we'll make demands for
Changing every thing we see
Down with all society stands for
Speak your mind, it's a free country

Better to exist in our private abyss
Then dwell with the socially rotten
Our abuse never stops
We must pay off the cops
Or we won't have abyss to pot in

Glossy eyed we stand forever
In agreement through and through
Non-conforming all together
For the grand red, white and green

[Spoken: (Hum In Background)]
I can see it now, ah yes
Waiting for us just over the horizon
A land where men, women and others
Can walk together hand in hand
Toward a better tomorrow
A land where we can all grow beards
And wear open-toed shoes
And we'll let our hair grow long
And use "Hip" words
(Hip, Hooray!)
And if there's one guiding creed
One word that will sum up
All we would gladly die for
I know that word must surely be
(Rah! Rah! Rah!)

Hold the line staunch non-conformists
Pay no heed to words of jeer
To you breast clutch tightly your list
Things we're non-conforming to
This year

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