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Ne-Yo – The Corner lyrics

This ya boy Ne-Yo for tha mixtape! This shit don't gotta be pefect my imperfection is my perfection (spoken)

Um uh uh uh um um um *3
(Verse 1)
In a black stretch lac with the diamond in back He in a black pink suit pink gators to match a leopard print feather in his hat sippin on yack he roll around livin out seens from tha Mack . (He like his) women with low inabition and common sense (so that) He can covince em to make em dollas and cents (so that) she look at him and see a savior a prince when in fact he just a pimp with a limp and a strong grip on her come wit his chips don't slip or he'll flip on her zip up that lip don't say shit just get corna! Pull up them pumps the skirt and get them jimmys out catch every date that u can 'cause every penny counts don't come up short for nothin ya cent in ya mouth or your little wil be pourin a little henney out. It hit the block and it sizzle and burn this is ya life that's ya daddy and tricks ya turn
On the corner-You wish you could seise the pimpin you wish ya made better decisions (uh uh uh uh) Stuck out on the corner skeizing tricking just to make a livin livin (repeat)

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