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Ne-Yo – One More lyrics

[Verse 1: Ne-Yo]
You look like you just got off of work
And if I may assume, babe
You work hard but you don't get what you're worth
Am I right?
Let me take another guess
You're a little stressed and I bet your feet hurt
No I don't read minds, babe
I just know what it looks like
When a woman works all night tryna get her thing right

[Pre-Chorus: Ne-Yo]
Don't know where you've been
And I don't know what you've been through
But something's tellin' me you
You deserve a drink or two

[Chorus: Ne-Yo]
Let me get one more for the lady
Let me get one more for the lady
Let me get one more for the lady
Let me get one more for the lady
(Whatever she wants)
Let me get one more for the lady
Let me get one more for the lady
(Whatever she wants)

[Pre-Chorus + Chorus (simultaneous)]

[Verse 2: T.I.]
See I was thinkin', over in the corner while I was drinkin'
See you've probably been lookin' for way more out a weekend
Than freakin' and watchin' the Sun fly so high
But you feel so nasty and don't know why
You tried all the things that you weren't gon' try
Like kiss body parts if it wasn't on a guy
But your girl's in the bed and it wasn't undivided
And wasn't no ambition, and everybody wishin'
We'd have did this shit way back then, why we didn't?
Even if you went too far, it's forgiven
You were high when you did it, everybody was trippin'
Promised you'd forget it, but everybody didn't
You're like, this ass doesn't land in the air, body mitten
And I don't just be lookin' on everybody's kitten
But you get in the room and my dick in the room
Make your forget about all the chicks in the room, like that

[Chorus] + [Pre-Chorus/Chorus]

[Bridge: Ne-Yo]
Ain't gon' lie to you, baby
Wish I could take you somewhere, my bride
Ain't gon' lie to you, baby
Get all in your mind and see what's inside it
Ain't gon' lie to you
I want you, how could I not with a booty so fat?
I don't wanna get on your nerves and test your patience
I ain't tryna do that, no
Ain't gon' lie to you, baby
I would love the opportunity to rub your feet
Ain't gon' lie to you, baby
If you with it, I got somebody sexy you should meet
Ain't gon' lie to you
You had a long night, I'm just tryna help you end it right
So if I may be so bold, can I get you one more to go?

[Chorus] + [Pre-Chorus/Chorus]

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