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Natalie Cole – Don't Look Back lyrics

Written by cole-yancy-allen

Everyday the population is growing and to find some peace of mind is something rare

Don't you get discouraged keep on going and don't you mind the way that the people turn and stare

Now how long can you keep on feeling guilty and tell me why should you feel bad about feeling good

Don't you know that the world is cold and filthy, aw yes it is, but if you're a special child

They know sometimes you'll be misunderstood, (you can never look back)

Yesterday is dead and gone, (don't you look back) your tomorrow is here today

Keep on fighting, a quitter never wins, hold your breath stick out your chin

Count to ten start again, everybody wants to be somebody

But they can't seem to see the forest for the trees, we just can't let our past

Hold back our future, oh, no, no, when it's all over but the shouting

Nothing is left but memories, looks like you could use a little bit ofhappiness

Now I know that it's really hard to find, but you owe it to yourself to have the very best

And only a fool will try to catch up to what he has left behind, (you can never look back)

No, no, 'cause yesterday is dead and gone, (don't you look back) your tomorrow is here today

And when you're crying, you need someone to hold on to

It's not the end of the world my friend, tip your hat, start again

And keep a positive direction, oh, keep your vision straight ahead

You can't lose with the stuff you use, we've come too far just to turn around, oh, oh,

Don't you look back, yesterday is dead and gone (don't you look back)

Your tomorrow is on the way and if you're fighting, people, a quitter never wins

Hold your breath stick out your chin, count to ten, start again, don't you look back

No, no, uh, oh, (don't look back) no 'cause we've come much too far

Just to turn around, uh, oh, oh, (repeat don't you look back) don't you look back now

Yesterday is dead and gone, don't you look back, your tomorrow is here today

And when you're crying, 'cause all your friends have forsaken you

Its not the end of the world my friend, just tip your hat start again

Keep on steppin' yaul, don't look back, don't turn your head around

Get up, get out on the good foot, keep on fightin, ' yeah, hold your breath

Stick out your chin, count to ten and start again don't try it

You got to keep on movin' yaul, get, get, get up on the good foot

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