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Nat Stuckey – Letter To Shirley lyrics

Oh Shirley I love you you must believe I do
Cause Shirley I need to have and hold the both of you

Well Shirley I'm writing this in a hotel downtown I'm sure you remember the place
See I came back in the town to see our new baby today
And you slammed the door at my face
Now Shirley I know you've got every right to despise every breath that I take
But I'm praying there's still enough love in your heart
To forgive me that one big mistake
Cause Shirley Shirley I love you...

You know I have to admit that when I first heard the news
That my first thought was I had to run
You see Shirley I was too far along on my way to success
To be chained to a wife and a son
So I kept my name and you have to blame and you port with head held high
But I guess now all the while you were wearing a smile
You wanted to break down and cry
Shirley I love you...

I just jumped on that train and it took me away
And I well I thought I left the trouble behind
But I found out in a while with each passing mile what I really had left was my mind
So I'm back here to stay with you to have me or not
It's all up to you Shirley in your heart
All the heartaches you've had everything that's gone bad
I'll have to live with if we stay apart
Cause Shirley I love you...

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