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Nasty Boy Klick – Oh My Goodness lyrics

Oh my goodness (ohhh)
Shes got a s*** walk
Shes got a s*** talk(Uh)
Make a playa wanna change his ways
Hot like fire doin' that thang

Oh my goodness (ohhh)
Shes got a s*** walk
Shes got a s*** talk (Uh)
Make a playa wanna change his ways
Common commmon girl do that thang

Now heres a little story that I now so well
About a girl named hmm...
I betta not tell
'cause she's the one with the gloss on the lips
Sippin on that soda pop
Makin all the boys trip
Always hot clothes new shoes
Makin all the other girls jelous at school
Shes a hot one and she knows it too
Nails just done lookin ohh ohh ohh
I think her daddy must be rich
'cause I seen her at the mall spendin all kinds of grip
And all the teachers at school say
I can't believe her mama let her dress that way


Two weeks ago
A friend of mine told me all about this
Girl that was so so fly
Baby tees hot jeans
And the braclets
Dress code at my school
She would break it
Got the pager and the cell phone too
Color contacts with the s*** attitude
(she got it like that)
She got it like that
Every homie on my block trying to roll with that
Oh my goodness she got it twisted
Like the low lows on high drows lifted
She got the game
With the capital G
But when I step to this honey
Yeah it's all for me


Its like oh my goodness
How do they do this
Got a playa dizzy
With the move of the hips
The way you lick your lips girl
You breakin me down now
Your name must be brandy
'cause I wanna be down
The way you walk and talk
They kinda go all out
Cruzin down the strip
Got the playas buggin out
Game recongnize game
Top notch dame
Cool thing about this
You swingin my way


Oh my goodness (ohhh)
Shes got a s*** walk
Shes got a s*** talk

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