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Naledge – Ben Wilson's Revenge lyrics

Daily meditation to a million summer superficial
But I see the issue cinefoes to a hustler
Great prepare to be yellow master
Two cream to get froze a costar
... from my... better make an euphony
Two wick in my cheese have an wack... I will sample...
Amply never buzz to get a... feed a quite handle it
Life is a bitch you appear so scandalous
Clap to the fast left yeah in the left game
Back in my shoes time sometimes I rap name
True for my... so my innocence to the game
But a little cause never want to say little mama
Junking in decision cowing last in my...
Try to... I will play a little...
... dance in the... boss
Caught us Ben's Wilsons revenge
Tell them haters that I'm going on the winning bitch
Bottles every club purses for my women
Friends sold my soul to the devil to meet again
Next and every car thinking every bro
Part of my conscious I don't have a fucking car
State of a... and I stay to my side
Glasses everywhere blinding by my own shine

Swear I took that pill off limitless
My brain unlock for this spinnin shit
Yeah I've been the shit
And you all switch size like been addict
Always on beat never... rapper... to the rhythm
Congratulate their bringer their winner... winner
Nice one find dinner would climb...
Ex girl see y'all call... the kind with the...
Make sure of you, all I ever want it pray for it
Five years later now I got the day before it
Got it good nothing else I could say force
Dealing the hood what I got, I've been pay for it
Bitch I own you, bitch I own you
Grown man standing on my own two
Chick my passport everywhere I flow to
And chick that could s*ck a nail I... you
Life for the broken vegetable
Come bottles in the sun let's natural
Thinking that you make it
Dream life sexual... make love
They would... back to you
My city if is getting though
And I was well before video
Silly hoe...

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