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MYMP – Last Chance lyrics

This is my last dance with you
This is my only chance to do all I can do
To let you know that what I feel for you is real

This is the last chance for us
This is the moment that I just cannot let end
Before I know that theres a chance were more than friends

So don't let go, don't let go
Make it last all night
This is my last chance to make you mine

I kept my feelings so deep
I kept my dreams of you and me somewhere inside
Although I prayed that you would see it in my eyes

But this is my last chance to say
Whats in my heart before you stay out of my life
And then youll understand the way I feel inside

So hold me close cause it feels so right
This is my last chance to make it mine
Make this dream reality
So close and yet so far
Gotta find a way into your heart
Gotta speak my mind
Gotta open up to you this time
I can't let you slip away tonight
This is my last dance with you

This is my only chance to do all I can do
To let you know that what I feel for you is so real
So don't let go
Just make it last all night long
This is my last chance to make you mine, yeah
To make you mine

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Submitted byVetal


  • d
    Honey pia,.
    Really loved her so much, but there is no chance to make loved for her, I wish that I could be there on her side even in my last breath gusto ko sya yakapin ng mahigpit at sabihin sa kanya pls don't go wag ka umalis sa aking tabi mahal na mahal kita. Sana mramdaman mo kung gaanu kita namimiss at gaanu kita kamahal for the last chance. Pls don't go away you are my life that gives me strength and hope I love you so much. From dana.
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  • u
    I always took a risk for someone I love the most, but even though you give your best its not yet enough to love you back in return. That is the most saddest part in loving someone who doesn't sees your worth. I'm killing myself over and over again. But love is sacrifice. :(
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  • u
    Last chance - we started out as good friends like 2 yrs ago. We had a special treatment w/each other but a couple of months ago something tragic happened. She left me with someone else not giving me any chance to fight my love for her! Sbi nya just now. Na she doesn't want to see me nor talk to me ever. Gusto ko na umiyak ng malakas pero d pwede kc its just between the two of us. Mahal na mahal kita! Kung alam mo lng pero lam ko may iba na. I just hope someday, you'll realize how much I love you! - this is my last chance to make you mine! 4 1
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  • u
    This comes off to me as a girl/boy who has this best friend he/she's crazy about but was too afraid to admit his/her feelings because it might damage their friendship but now that a separation is hovering between them (in my head it's graduation) and he/she realizes it's now or never, he/she would want to give it a shot, a final chance to see if he/she could break past his/her's shyness and just 'fess up. (:
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