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MYMP – I'll Never Get Over You Getting Over Me lyrics

I hear you're taking the town again
Having a good time
With all your good time friends
I don't think that you think of me
You're on your own now
And I'm alone and free

I know that I should get on with my life
But a life lived without you could never be right

As long as the stars shine down from the heaven
As long as the river runs to the sea
I'll never get over you getting over me

I tried to smile so the hurt won't show
Tell everybody I was glad to see you go
But the tears just won't go away
Loneliness found me looks like it's here to stay

I know that I ought to find someone new
But all I found is my self always thinking of you

As long as the stars shine down from the heaven
As long as the river runs to the sea
I'll never get over you getting over me

Oh no matter what I do
Each nights a life time to live through
I can't go on like this
I need your touch
You're the only one I ever loved

And as long as the stars shine down from the heaven
As long as the river runs to the sea
I'll never get over you, getting over,
I'll never get over you,
I'll never get over you getting over me...

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  • u
    I'm one of them. I'm just lying to myself that I already got over the person whom I loved most but the truth is. He's still part of my system. Every single moment of my life he's in my mind. I tried to forget him but I can't. I love you bha no matter what. You said that I could go on with my life even without you but I really can't.
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    I miss him so much. Nagsisisi ako sa mga panahong sinayang ko. He said he loves me but I ignored him then the 2nd time nagtapat sya ulit and eventhough I love him I still chose to ignored him again:(humaharang kc ang takot at ang salitang "bawal" saken dt time. But now dt he's gone I mean maybe he doesn't love me just like be4 I want to be with him and I fell d pain now:(. I'm still not over him.
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    Dear ate charo.

    Itago nyo na lang ako sa pangalang charle gatbunton.
    Isa po kong college student sa CEU.

    Para po sakin masyado ko pong dinamdam ang kanta nato dahil ang sakit po. Actually nakakarelate po ako dito ng sobra dahil naranasan ko na rin po ito ung tipong pede naman po I pursue pero tinitigal ko dahil may kasama syang iba kaya yun tinamaan po talaga ako sa kanta na ito "mabuti pa nga ang lindol nararamdaman nya pero ung feelings ko hinde". "papel nga sa school wala ka , sa buhay pa kaya nya".
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    Wasting someone special cos of unreasonable reason can really make u regret why u were what u were, and I was once like that and hopefully wont be one again. Im a mom a handsome 1 yr old kid, who's separated with his father. Decided to cut our relationship cos I was afraid of getting tied up by marriage at young age (20yrs old). Dumbest thing ever did. I was thinking what If he'll just gonna put his hands on me when we will be 10 or more years married, or what if he will gonna cheat when my body's no longer desirable, what if he'll just be like someone else who will use drugs, totally dumb thoughts. But I never ever thought that later on, I will realize how peaceful and nice to have a complete family. Tried to msg-ed him once. No rants, arguments, but plainly asking for forgiveness and another chance. But there I found out, I already lost it. I lost it right I said no to him and let his ego and heart broken into pieces. Will never get over him getting over me, never once thought about that until today </3
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  • u
    Share ko lang yung sakin. Last November 2014 kasi nag break kami ng boyfriend ko, inaamin ko naman kasalanan ko pero hindi lahat. Mahal na mahal ko siya. Parang kulang na yung sarili ko nung nawala siya, sobrang lungkot ko, tapos may dumating sa akin na isang lalaki. Naging kami nun at wala pang isang buwan, parang hinanap ko lang yung kasiyahan akala ko kasibmagiging masaya ako ulit pero hindi pala. Ngayon mahal na mahal ko pa yung ex ko, siya yung nagpabago sakin e nung nag decide ako na ibalik yung samin dati, too late. May iba na siya at masaya na siya. Mahal ko siya sobra. At hinding hindi pa ko nakakmove on hanggang ngayon, kahit binlock ko na sa cp ko sa fb kahit san. Di pa rin siya mawala sa isip ko. Kasi nahihirapan na ko. At lahat ng panoorin kong movie na romance iniisip ko na paano kaya kung ganun din kami sa una lang yung ganito pero sa dulo kami magkakatuluyan. Mahal na mahal ko siya, sa kanya lang ako nagkaganito, medyo bad girl ako pero nagbago ko kasi gusto ko at mahal ko ang lalaki na yun. Lahat ng promises namin nasa isip ko pa hinding hindi nawala. :(
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