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Mustard Plug – Grow Up lyrics

When I was just a little boy, I'd sit around all day. Thinking about
The future to pass the time of day. With my friends sittin' laughin',
They would mainly laugh at me, because I was always different, it was
All so plain to see. Didn't want to be a fireman, a cowboy, or a cop.
was always different like a sore thumb I stuck out. Because even in
My dreams I won't pretend to age, I knew a life of normacy was nothing
But a cage.
When I grow up, I don't want to be like you!
To be a barbarian would be a lot of fun. Sit around, eat raw meat in
The mid day sun. I'd dance around the fire, like a madman I would
Yell, I'd smell a bit I'd fart a lot, I'd cut class and I'd belch. I'd
Sack the Roman Empire and do with a grin. I'd set the cities all it on a whim. And people would shriek as I was coming into
Town, because I'd bring my minotaur to help me fry it down.
When I grow up, I want something fun to do. I don't know much, but
This much I know is true..when life is short, I
don't want to be like
When I grow up I think I want to be white trash living in a trailer
Park and sitting on my ass. I'd beat my wife, I'd kiss my kiss, I'd
Pass out in the lawn. I'd steal my brewskies from my mom and often
Kick my dog. I'd go to work an hour later, bitch about my boss.
And every friday night I think I'd bowl a round or two, because
Standing watching monster trucks is just the thing to do!!
When I grow up, I want something fun to do. I don't know much, but
This much I know is true..when life is short, I
T want to be like

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