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MUCC – Libra English lyrics

With your dominant arm, you grab the reality
With your other arm, you up-hold the morality
You light up the love deep in your heart
You weigh things up with the scales inside your head
Inside the dense and thick darkness, you hide your own shadow
The sound of the dirty abacus, echoes in the world - please stop!

In this world where feelings are only a hinderance,
Shoot and kill me!
Who is using the scale?
Who is using the abacus?
Who is playing the Humelin flute?
Who is the boy that cried wolf?
Rather than caring about these things right now, I love you!

Flower, now in full bloom, already late in telling me
The meaning of living right here, right now
The meaning of tomorrows coming

With your dominant arm, you have desire
With your other arm you hide immorality
If you could shut love deep away in your heart
The saint in your head will laugh
The brave flower that grows in the vacant lot,
Surrounded by the tower buildings that take away the sunlight rays
People eyes are glared by these buildings
Soon, the flower stopped breathing
The wind was only gently caressing
Only wind was gently caressing

The thing about living, that is like wondering in the darkness, not able to see a thing,
The thing about dying, that, is also darkness, "the end" is no way "the beginning"
That's why we need to light up the darkness now
Burn up our life in a flash after realizing our radiance
The proof of life is hard to reach but strong

Flower, now in full bloom, you had told me
The meaning of living right here, right now,
The meaning of tomorrows coming
I am going to die someday
What can I do for you?
Rays of light shine eternally from the rising sun onto this world.

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