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Mr. Vegas – Go Up lyrics

Mek mi si yu hand a gwope
All a di ras dem weh nah nam nuh pork
Gwope gwope gwope
Mek mi si yu hand a gwope
All a di ganja man weh nah tek nuh coke
Gwope gwope gwope
Mek mi si yu hand a gwope
From yu know yu and nuh funny bwoy nah sport
Gwope gwope gwope
Mek mi si yu hand a gwope
Gal from yu nah run nuh funny gal joke
Gwope gwope gwope
Verse 1:
Woman fi get groom and man fi get bride
Pure hotty hotty gal itch up pon mi side
All funny bwoy affi gu run and gu hide
Caan c** bout yah wid nuh wrong ride
Come pon di ends yu and di machine collide
Any time yu si wi bwoy yu better walk wide
Yu nuh si a wi and di gal dem a slide
Yu nuh si a by God law wi abide
Verse 2:
Mi waan fi hear all di rude bwoys dem now
Weather yu a pow mi seh weather yu a show
From a gal never yet seh yu know how
Tell dem a renta dread dem nam sow
Gal affi a bawl under tiger bone
Big up all a di gal dem up town and down
All rude bwoy mek mi hear it sound
From yu know seh dat yu a nuh gal clown
Repeat Verse 1 and Chorus

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