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Mr. Shadow – All Real lyrics

Let the smoke take control
And c*** the four four before you step out the door
Why, fool it's getting colder
In the West Coast we make you look over your shoulder
We stay Pit Bossing, flossing, they can't hold us
Soldiers stay strapped
What's a war if you can't shoot back and lay the other side flat
Fuck that, took that steel if you walk the walk
Don't talk too much and that's real
Fool, you'll get your cap peeled
Don't be a hater 'cause you're broke and we got mad skrill
Motherfucker I'm an ap Krazy
Money don't make me, I make fools like you pay me
If pigs wanna play, hey we can tangle
But don't tie a knot that your ass can't untangle
Conditions unstable, you're fucking with the pitbull
I got this motherfucker locked plain and simple

[Chorus x2]
Soldiers stay strapped
What's a war if you can't shoot back and lay the other side flat
Fuck that, tuck that steel you get your cap peeled
In the state of ca shit is all real

I take no chances, stack my advances
We dodge badges everyday they try to catch us
They snatch us off the block
They watch around the clock trying to read what we talk
Plotting to raid the spot, but I ain't having that
Hell nah, it's never enough
And all you jealous motherfuckers say I'm doing too much
I know it's hard to see a young man
With no diploma taking over flipping grams, a Mexican with the upper hand
Understand contraband keeps coming
Soldiers keep marching 'cause the drummer keeps drumming
Something for you fake little faggots to learn
My bridge is definantly one you don't wanna burn
Tables turn, now it's my time to shine
Tell me who's the most requested out the 619
Real shit sells, fake shit sits on the shelf
Before you respect anybody respect yourself bitch

[Chorus x2]

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