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Mr. Lif – The Now lyrics

Daddy's got a new life now
A new daughter and a new male child
A new swagger wid some real style
New car new house brand new spouse
Little shitty dog named Pouts wid smile on his mouth
We'll be straight up we're forgotten cause developed a plan
Once the monkey takes some time to hang with his own fam
Hap' and gay to let ya know he still cares and such
Ya won't grow apart too much from bein' outta touch
But he wasn't there for him on the daily ghetto basis
In order to drop jewels I stay clear of the racists
Heavy promises became weightless
Sincerity became faintless
He's praying for a Santa A-list
Time is passin' by yet his scars remain ageless
He called him on the phone to say pop's
This'll take a minute of ya time
But his wishes were divined
By the disenchanted tone at the end of the line, hang up
He tried to look strong in front of mom back up
John stop lookin' forward to the day you gonna see him on
Dry ya eye to eye and you'll receive an embrace
From a lost heart that's pumpin' blood up to a guilty face
He's gonna try to find ways to make up for the last twenty nine days
Or was it thirty, I think he heard me
In situations like this ya speech becomes wordy
He's got a hundred million ways to tell me not to worry
But this time I wasn't hangin' on his every sentence
Ears crippled by the pain and negligence so was the tendence
He spoke I couldn't hear a word I zoned into black I observed
My only thoughts were missin' out on love that I deserved
Tryin' to convince myself I'm weak within the mental
The silence breaks because your father's guidance is essential
He's lookin' down with a smile sayin' that the future will be great

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