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Moving Mountains – Furnace Woods lyrics

I will hold a place for you
All alone to see it through
And all these feelings are meant to grow
Inside our bodies, inside our bones

Some run away
I am a mountain a few yards away
You are the road
That bridges the waters and keeps me from cold

I will hold, oh

And I will hold a place for
You all alone to see it through
And all of these feelings
Are meant to grow, are meant to grow
And I will hold a place for
You all alone to see it through
And all of these feelings
Are meant to grow, are meant to grow

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  • k
    Kaitlin Grebe
    I just want to know what the chorus is supposed to mean.
    "Some run away" is a really confusing line. Who/what are they running from? In the previous line it says "these feelings are meant to grow inside our bodies, inside our bones," so is he saying some people run away from those feelings? Or is he starting a new thought, saying people have fun away from him (a mountain) . But that doesn't make much sense. Who runs from mountains? They can't go anywhere, and they're not scary. If he's saying people run away from him, why compare himself to a mountain and not a more intimidating thing?
    Or maybe he is having individual thoughts: the first thought being that some people tend to get scared and run away when relationships or moments get intense or tough, whereas in the other thought about him being a mountain, he's kind of contrasting himself to those people, saying that he's not going anywhere no matter what a relationship or hardship may bring?
    I kind of like that explanation a lot and never thought about that before.
    And as for the "few yards away" part - is he saying he's not far from the people weaker than him, or that he's near the road?
    But then about the whole road thing?
    I don't see how, if he's a [metaphorocal] mountain, bridging water would keep him from feeling cold? Since roads keep drivers above water, not mountains. Unless maybe the road is a winding one, and is wrapping itself around the mountain, almost as if it's like a blanket? But then it wouldn't be able to bridge waters. Unless it's saying "you are the road, that bridges the waters and [also] keeps me from cold."
    I always kind of thought he was saying that the act of bridging the waters was keeping him from being cold.
    Wow so many epiphanies are occurring to me tonight haha.
    But what does a road symbolize then?
    If a mountain is firm and unmoving, does a road lead to new discoveries and possibilities and hope? And also helps protect you from harm and danger and being alone?
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