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Moumoon – Cinderella lyrics

My clothes came apart at the seams,
And turned into a sparkling dress --
"You're the most beautiful girl in the world",
You said, smiling.

I dropped one glass slipper,
But, you know, I dropped it on purpose.

You have everything;
You're so proud.
Or is it that
You don't actually know what love is?

(You've got everything that you want)
All decked out in finery.
(Cloth and a woman that's good on you)
That's not everything.
(I'm gonna be the one that saves you)
You want to feel, don't you?
Scorch your body with a beautiful love.

(I will love you)
I'll show you the truth.
(You don't need to be tough always)
Forget your pride.
(I'm gonna be the one that saves you)
I'll wrap you up,
And be your special one.

There's a sparkle you can't find
In diamonds or rubies...

You're always chasing
Beautiful things, aren't you?
You don't believe
What your eyes cannot see.

(I've got everything that you need)
You can't see
(Don't you realize that I'm worth it?)
Real love with your eyes.
(I'm gonna be the one that saves you)
Sparkling more than a jewel
That catches your eye.

Your murmuring lips
Said nothing but lies, but
You captured my heart,
And more.

(Love is not a guarantee)
It's not simple.
(Will you love me?)
If we can love each other, that's enough;
(I'm gonna be the one that saves you)
Something worth more than a jewel
That catches your eye.

I'm gonna be the one...
'Cause I am worth it...
Being with me
Is worth more
Than vague words.


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