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Motionless In White – Creatures lyrics

I fall
This is the end of you
This is the end of you
Whispers are their weakness
Their weakness

Everyday I must practice
To fake this smile on my face

It's all the rain that's putting me to sleep
It's all the rain that's putting me to sleep

I'll let the blood tell the truth tonight, this is my life's work
11 tracks is not enough, to tell you how I've died inside
And love is lost like words
11 tracks is not enough

In spiders eyes a man becomes a fly
In prolonged silence, we all stand defiled
We fall in line with the atrophy of life
The calm before the storm is a deafening silence
I've given my all, to this valley of despair

We are the damned, the cursed and the broken
There's so much more inside us

We are the lost, the sick and unspoken
There's so much more inside us

I'm drowning in an ocean of the tears that I've cried
I tried to drown my sorrows...
Instead they're all drowning me
I tried to drown my sorrows...
Instead they're all drowning me

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Submitted byHyphons
Corrected byCURS3D_M3SSIAH


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    This song is about the fact that what we show on the outside is not everything we show. There is a whole other side to everyone on the inside, basically their true colors. We all have secrets that we keep in the inside of us. We are the creatures that live life everyday. We get arrested, hurt, killed, made fun of, judged, laughed at, and a whole lot of other things. No one is perfect on the inside or outside.
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    The title of the song means we are all "creatures" that we are all different and for the song to relate to it the lyrics where put together by random fans sending in lines that they wanted in the song they song means something different to everyone depending on the lines they relate to most which is what the people who sent in the lyrics aree or where actually going through.
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