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Mose Allison – I Ain't Got Nothin' But The Blues lyrics

Ain't got the change of a nickel
Ain't got no bounce in my shoes
Ain't go no fancy to tickle
I ain't got nothing but the blues
Ain't got no coffee that's perking
Ain't got no winnings to lose
Ain't got a dream that is working
I ain't got nothing but the blues
When trumpets flare up

I keep my hair up
I just can't make it come down
Believe me peppie,
I can't get happy
Since my ever loving baby left town
Ain't got no rest in my slumbers
Ain't got no feelings to bruise
Ain't got no telephone numbers
I ain't got nothing but the blues

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    I saw Mose Allison perform live about 30 times over a span of about 35 years prior to his retirement from live performances, always at small nightclubs, usually very close to the stage so I could watch him play piano and also see his facial expressions. I often spoke with him briefly between sets. Mose was born in 1927, and performed live for an incredible 65 years. Mose continued to develop his style of piano playing and singing throughout the years until it became highly distinctive and unique. An experienced fan would recognize his singing instantly, and his piano style (from the 1970's and later) in only a couple of seconds. As this is written in August, 2016 Mose is just 3 months away from turning 89.
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