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Morning Glory – So You Wanna Be A Cop? lyrics

(feat. The Stza)

So you wanna be a cop?
So you wanna be on the top
Arrestin and shootin' all the kids on the block
Incarcerate the youth of the next generation
And you get the high fives at the police station

So you wanna wear blue
And prey on the people
Go above the constitution where all men are equal
Beat down the poor, the working class core
Your a class trading motherfucking rich man's whore


''cause it's a thin blue line between the love and the hate
If you so choose to cross it you're a nazi for the state
Your injustice will crush us, the precious the few
So you wanna be a killer for the red white and blue

You're a bitch to the crown
Keep your own people down
You've got nothing to protect
But you're keeping the sect
For your own damn brothers you got no respect
And the killing won't stop when you become a cop

* The worlds getting madder and it ain't gonna stop
It's an uphill battle all the way until we reach the top
You got an answer in your holster
And no question to kill
You got a vision for society
And it's your will

Even the summer sun can't make this situation light
You've got the upper hand in a war
When you take away our arms and our means to fight


So you wanna be a cop?
You never stop with your wicked guns going pop
After 41 shots your grinning in the donut shop
Your sickening behavior regulates this society
And musters all the sickness & hatred inside of me

So you wanna wear blue?
Well you're just the type
Got an chip on your shoulder and an itch for a gripe
Standing on a raft in an ocean of blood
But you're doin the killing and causing the flood


How can we tolerate this mad abuse of power?
You think a cop is never psycho till he stabs you in the shower
Choking v
Morning g
L. O. C
We never stop
And your death'll be sweet if ya wanna be a cop

They say the sea is green and the sky is blue
And that's about right because we're below you
You cop an extra attitude when you come down my block
So you wanna be a cop?

You're getting crazier and we're going insane
You can't stop the violence by using the same
You hated your father so you joined the force
And that's exactly what it is, you learn how to force

Even the summer sun can't make this situation light
You've got the upper hand in a war
When you take away our arms and our means to fight

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