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Morgana Lefay – What Am I lyrics

In the darkness I see her shadow
As a lonely sad silhouette
I'm remorseful but my pride still
Is too strong to accept my regrets
I sit in silence crouched in a corner
I hear the hollow ticking of the clock
My mind is chasing thoughts that are fleeing
Oh god of mercy! Do I know what I have done
I rest my head in hands that tremble
I'm repressing thoughts of what I am
I am scared of the power of my feelings
I can't bear the burden of the deeds
I can't trust the nature of my being
Cause my hate is fiery and profound
Each passing minute feels like an eon
Time seems unreal in the presence of death
I'm spinning deeper into my madness
Clinging on to traces of hope
I rest my head in hands that are shaking
I'm denying the facts of what I am
I close my eyes but the scene I'm seeing
Keep's repeating again and again
I can't leash the fury I'm feeling
I cannot break the circle of my rage
I can't trust the nature of my being
Cause my hate is fiery and profound

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