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Moonsorrow – Talvi lyrics

Kuuletko tuulen vuoria jдytдvдn?
Jддlinnoissa talven yksin se ulvoo.
Vapautettu pakkanen pian meidдt saavuttaa.
Rautaportit avautuu, on aika kuoleman.
... Kun syksy vaihtuu talveen.

Ei kylmyys tunne armoa,
Ei pakkanen vдisty... Koskaan!

Tunnetko poltteen jдisen peitteen
Hyytдvдn sisimpддsi?
дlд katso valkeutta vaan kohtaa pakkanen
Tuhoava lempeдn taivahan.
... Kun saapuu talvi ikuinen.

Ei kylmyys tunne armoa,
Ei pakkanen vдisty... Koskaan!

Kaikki lдmpвЂ" katoaa, talvi tekee tuloaan,
Vihreд saa vaipan valkoisen.
Pohjoisissa hoveissa on lumipeite ikuinen,
Et kesдд enдд nдhdд saa, vain taivaan kalvenneen.

Kylmд henkдys sammuttaa liekin
Pohjoisen hoveissa on talvi armoton.
Jдinen kiille metsissд pian heikot lannistaa,
Talvilinnain siimeksessд aikamme on koittanut!

Pakkanen on nдlissддn,
Taivaanne se verhoaa.
Ei kylmyys tunne armoa,
Ei pakkanen vдisty... Koskaan!

Ei kylmyys tunne armoa,
Ei pakkanen vдisty... Koskaan!
Jo saapuu talvi ikuinen,
Vihreд saa vaipan valkoisen.

Siivet katkaistaan, vastarinta murretaan.
Ei yksikддn enkeli eloon jдд.

Viiltдvд pakkanen voiton saa,
Lumi on peittдvд pohjoisen maan.
Lehdet kalpenee, valittaen kuolee,
Pilvet kerддntyvдt katselemaan.

Paholaiset temmeltдvдt sydдmessд
Vдsymдttд tanssivat valkoisissa saleissa.
Jo ikuinen talvi vallitsee,
Sen loppua turha on odottaa.

Lapset pakkasen!
Tдmд talvi on ikuinen!

[English translation:]


Can you hear the wind gnawing the mountains?
In the ice castles of winter it howls alone.
The frost now unleashed soon shall us reach.
The iron gates are opening, 'tis the time for death.
.... When autumn turns to winter.

Coldness knows no mercy,
The frost does not stand aside... Ever!

Can you feel the icy crust piercing through your
Burning you deep inside?
Quit staring at the light and encounter the frost
That shall lay waste the tender sky.
.... When the winter eternal arrives.

Coldness knows no mercy,
The frost does not stand aside... Ever!

All warmth is vanishing, the winter's drawing
Green is enshrouded by white.
In the northern courts there's an eternal crust of snow,
No summer you shall ever see, only a sky ran pale.

The eternal flame is blown out by a breeze so
The winter is unmerciful in the courts of the north.
The icy glitter in the forests soon puts the weak to death,
In the heart of the winter's stronghold our time has finally come!

The hunger of the frost is growing,
Your heaven it enshrouds with fury.
Coldness knows no mercy,
The frost does not stand aside... Ever!

Coldness knows no mercy,
The frost never stands aside!
Welcome the winter eternal,
Green enshrouded by white.

All wings are cut and the resistance is broken.
None of the angels shall survive.

The sharp cutting frost is the victor
And snow shall veil the northern ground.
Leaves are turning pale, dying in lament
And the clouds are gathering to witness.

'tis tumult of demons in the heart of winter,
With no signs of exhaust they're dancing in the white halls.
At last it's the reign of the eternal winter,
A vain hope that it will end.

Hear me!
Children of the frost!
Hear me!
This winter is forever!

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