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Monster – Why Don't You Wake Up? lyrics

Tell me you believe in everything you say
And I'll ask you something
Who's the one you think you're fooling anyway?
You know that you really made some great mistakes
So let me ask one more thing
Why don't you try fix them, while there's some time
Why don't you wake up?

Let me live, let me try
To live the way that I think is right
Let me also make my own mistakes

Don't point your finger at my acts
'Cause I can't stand you by my side
Pretending you know all the reasons why
As if you knew just how the story ends
Why don't you wake up?

Always trying to find a way to prove I'm wrong
What disturbs you so much?
Maybe what I have is more than you can get

I hope you understand the lyrics of this song
And step out of my way
Then realize your living could be more than that
Why don't you wake up?

Well, I think I said all that I have to say
Did I forgot something?
I hope not, this subject always makes me sick

Just remember next time that you cross my way
Don't pretend you're my friend
Or I'll have to make you swallow all your shit
Why don't you wake up?

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