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Moby – I Wait For You lyrics

[Verse 1]
I'm going to leave me right there now
I'm going to leave me right there
I'm going to look somewhere else now
I'll never look anywhere

I wait for you
I break for you
On the sky
On the sea wall
[Verse 2]
New horses, pacing courses
Pace me there, and
I will find you again my love
I will always begin my love

I wait for you
I break for you
I wait for you
I break for you
All the time
All the time

[Verse 3]
Look down this greasy pipe
Stay down like falling nights
Stay down where the trees align
Stay down for a gentle light


[Verse 4]
I want something to pretend
I need trouble that will end
I need some more light to bend
I need some love now and then


[Verse 5]
Feel the goodness in our mind
I feel the time we were the boss of time
I feel the attention of a bursting world
Cut the fever with a golden wing

We were gone, where we had been
Drafted there and at the end
Could you see my self gold locked again
I couldn't live without you


[Verse 6]
Stay like a bridge and stay for me
For a time you lived you were avoiding me
You were the finest days when you were finding strays
You were bleeding one upon the silver trays

I wait for you [x7]

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