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Mo' Thugs – Mighty Mighty Warrior lyrics

Krayzie and Felecia

We are (we are) Mo Thugs (Mo Thugs), mighty, mighty warrior (mighty, mighty warrior)

Wish Bone:

We crept and we came, giving you nothing but thugsta music man. We doing our thang Mighty mighty Mo Thug bringing the pain. Soldiers, marching, all prepared for war. We're all ready to go now. I pray just watch over us, my Lord (my lord). Out of time so I'm expressing mine they said it's going to end around 99 we gotta grind, we gotta grind. Can I please have all of mine while there's time, because it's almost over yeah roll or get rolled over. Hey, hey, hey. And if you're rolling with me, then you're rolling with Mo, pump your fist up high, and let me see 'em for sure. Everybody say Mo, say Mo, say Mo.

Krayzie and Felecia:

We are (we are) Mo Thugs (Mo Thugs) mighty, mighty warrior (mighty, mighty warrior)

Thug Queen:

Mighty mighty warrior destroying ya, rather have us incarcerated in handcuffs, than living for lust, in mighty Mo Thug do I trust time for Armageddon get on your knees and get to repenting, heavenly messages, I'm sending My first love is my religion, quickly repenting for my sinning and it baffles me, how could you hate against the me mighty Mo Thug Thug Queen My Almighty Father, keep me with deep beliefs, chief and heavily it relieves the stress off ah me not enough artillery, for you to fight against me and me Mo mighty.

Krayzie and Felecia:

We are (we are) Mo Thugs (Mo Thugs), mighty, mighty warrior (mighty, mighty warrior)

Souljah Boy:

Like Vagisil cream all off in your uterus, when the cops throw fits and I'm furious, or delerious, ain't no cure for this somebody hearing this, while I be villainous. Fin to the ghetto. Like 'em or not. Who gots to stop me, who stop me? Hold on if you bustas wanna fight then you gots to go, or roll and be sniped, oh, when he roll slow down his window? Flying high like the Air Force sailing like a sailboat gotta get the bail on, 'til we soldiers buck up. Leather Face, do you got my back, boy? Don't act up. Coming at ya. Mo Thug be platinum. They don't explain why you're hovering over Cleveland in a copter. Souljah Boy with the glock cocked, and I told ya, it'd be hard to stop us. So pop up. I'm a give it to you. Who want it? When we go riding in, we gon' bring it. We gon' sing it til the last of us get tossed up, get tossed up.

Krayzie and Felecia:

We are, (we are) Mo Thugs (Mo Thugs), mighty, mighty warrior (mighty, mighty warrior)

Krayzie Bone:

I'm a mighty, mighty warrior with my mighty, mighty warriors (warriors, warriors, warriors, warriors) Hey (hey), Krayzie from Bone, brain fried and gone, but I'm mighty, mighty strong (strong) We mighty Mo Thug. We mighty bet you better back up off me or be feeling my mighty, mighty wrath. You better ask somebody. This how we get loud and crash the party, the party inside and nobody will hear the violent vibe. No longer quiet, go quiet, let's pump up the riot.

Krayzie and Felecia:

We are (we are) Mo Thugs (Mo Thugs), mighty, mighty warrior (mighty, mighty warrior)


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