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Minutemen – Themselves lyrics

All these men who work the land
Should evaluate themselves and make a stand
Can't they see beyond the rhetoric?
The lies and promises that don't mean shit

And all the men who learned to hate them
And all the men who learned to hate them

They keep themselves hidden away
They keep themselves upon the hill
Afraid that they'll have to pay
For all the crimes upon their head

And all the men who learned to hate them
And all the men who learned to hate them

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    This song is about class divide.
    The working class needs to put some serious thought to what the value of their work is and demand that they receive proper payment that reflects the value of their work. The working class needs to see past the promises and the lies that come from politicians and capitalists that seek to "devalue" their work and turn the relationship of worker/ employer into one of master/slave. These politicians and capitalists have "learned" to see the worker class as "less equal" - "less deserving" to share in the profits and to have a say in how the work is done - seeing the working class as somewhat less then human allows these people to justify "stealing" from the working class. They separate themselves from the working class in figurative and literal senses (" upon the hill") because they may fear the working class demanding retribution for their crimes. The working class has also learned to see the politicians and capitalists as less than human and distrust them - " and all the men who learned to hate them. "
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