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Mindless Self Indulgence – Eat Those Words lyrics

Get in line, 'cos it's motherfucking showtime!


Nobody fucks with you,
You fuck with everybody,
So fuck you, and fuck rock and roll!
Nobody fucks with me,
I will fuck with everybody,
So fuck you and fuck rock and roll!

From backstage you all look the same, from the tour bus you all look the
Don't worry little miss bullshit, there is definitely a concept record in
This, and it goes
You will

No one fucks with me, I fuck with everybody, so fuck you, and fuck rock and
You will

I gotta go to my (nerdy?) party,
I'm at my (nerdy?) party!
Too much work, not enough time, what I need is something that's gonna make

Nobody fucks with you
Fuck you
Rock and roll

Nobody fucks with me! I fuck with everybody! So fuck you and fuck rock and
Give it up,
Put it in the ground,
Bury it, put a hatchet in it,
Put a cross on that,
Make a gravestone,
Etch it with the year 2013,
Stop coming out with arcade fire records,
Shut the fuck up,
Go home,
Live in your mansion,
Find another opportunity,
Find another way to work,
Don't come crying to me because you're not relevant anymore,
I'm not the one who invented Mumford And Sons, that was you!

Listen, jerk off.
I will make you

Okay, let's go through it; one more time.
Nobody fucks with me, I fuck with everybody, so fuck you and fuck rock and
Ugh, that's the stupidest fucking lyric I've ever heard, nobody actually
Talks like that, fuck this shit, Argh! Alright, start over, I'm gonna use a
Pen. Alright. Ah! I got it, I got it, okay, so...
(Writing noises)
"The end is always a new beginning."
The end is not the end! No! It's just a new beginning! Hear that? Hear that
Harpsichord? You know who's playing that harpsichord? Roman Polanski in
Jail is playing this harpsichord for me!
Did 'ya hear the one about the guy who had to get a b-side onto a record in
Under two hours before he hopped a jetliner to take him to Frankfurt? Well
This is that story! It's my story!

Can anybody understand the burden of my stardom!

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