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Midget – Tell Me What I Dont Know lyrics

[Midget Hook x4]
Tell me what I don't know
Show me what we all know

[Midget Verse 1]
This is about to be a white out
You couldn't see me in the day time in a white out
New deposit, get it twisted like a night owl
And it's night out, They great, time to assassinate
Throw the shark food straight into the shark tank
Get ready for the war, throw on the war paint
Cross the line, I'll cross the border into your state
You in the hospital, couldn't beat me in your state
I watch, I watch the nightlife laminate
You bit—es bugs, watch me and my goons fumigate
Quit acting' like you posed to be
'Cause you aint even who you thought you were
Stop playin', do you really wanna make it worse
For you it's time to face your fears
For me from Do, Re, Me, Fa, So for real
This is near death, new start to finish
100 yard gain, runnin' s—t from the scrimmage
I talk a lot a s—t, and none of it English
Take it any place I gotta go, just to get it
I get it, I made it, I make it, I ace s—t
I'm so fly mother fu—a, watch me up in my spaceship
Beat the battle, I won the war
Two sides against it's all good in love and war
I'm the son of soar, so I want more
I won the world, but it feel like I lost more
He turned soft like an old school sophomore
Still doin' cough syrup
Lost some, won some, won some, lost some
Lost my best friend and now I really want one

[Midget Hook x4]
Tell me what I don't know
Show me what we all know

[Midget Verse 2]
Tell me somethin' new I fu—en hear it every day
People pass by and never say hey
A bi-ch talkin' s—t, I'll see you at the wake
See you at your funeral, I'm a eat your cake
You say the same s—t every day
Boy I'm comin' through get out the way
You can hate, hate some more
I like it when you hate on me
Hate me down; I break you down if you play on me
Don't f—k wit' Midget, cause that's one ticket to the grave
I'm the young mogul
To the cave, no hate, Colgate, you're totaled

[Midget Hook x4]
Tell me what I don't know
Show me what we all know

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