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Metalium – Warrior lyrics

It is said about... Medusa

"Thousand years ago Far west Gorgon's sisters ruled.
Medusa was one of the three Gorgons, a beautiful young woman with
Magnificent long hair.
One day she fooled around with the god Poseidon, what angered Athena.
So Athena changed her beautiful hair into hissing serpents.
Medusa - who was the only mortal of her sisters - became so horrible that
Any living creature that looked upon her turned to stone forever.
When Perseus chopped off her head while looking at her through the mirror of
His shield,
She gave birth to Pegasus which was born out of her blood in the moment Of
Her death. "

Thousand years to go, before christ would come.
Far west, Andromeda was sacrificed.
Three evil sisters ruled, time brought the enemy.
They took his love, now it was up for them to die.
Perseus wondering in his mind, Reflection in the shield so strong.

Warrior Look into my eyes.
Don't look back.
Warrior, your end will come tonight.
Don't look back, or you will die.

The blade cuts through her neck, Medusa's end is near.
As Pegasus was born, his mother died.
Her snakehaired head still turns the rivals into stone.
Athena's shield - feared by the warriors sight.
Thousand years ago Far west Gorgon's sisters ruled.
When the blade ran through her neck.
Pegasus was created from her own blood, while his mother faded away.

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