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Metal Church – Meet Your Maker lyrics

As you stand on the edge of your life what are your last thoughts
Do you remember when you were full of life
Your judgment has been clouded oh for so many years
There is a lake you have created oh from all of the tears

Now meet your maker, thou shall repent
Now meet your maker

Rebuilding the bridges we've burned from ashes and bone
The weight has been lifted, the weight of a stone
Beyond all repair we need to be free from the torture, no life will be spared
We need to beware of the future

Now meet your maker, thou shall repent
Now meet your maker
We're walking this earth on borrowed time
A gift from heaven, a gift divine
Out of the shadows but far from the light
We're walking this earth on borrowed time

All we've got are memories, why change the past for naught
Live inside those memories not soon to be forgot
The sands of time are fleeting the hours pass by quickly
Take a hold of every moment and savor it intently
And when you reach the great beyond you stand and count your blessings
You've lived a life full of pride, didn't let life break your stride
You carried on through think and thin, and now is not your time
So fight for every breath and live the grand design

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