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Meshuggah – Elastic lyrics

Assembled From Dead Incompatible Pieces;
Livid Fragments Regenerated.
Decomposing Bits Of Organic Matter,
Brought To Life,
A Fluid,
Sickening Shape,
A Faltering Semi-Floating Cluster.
Its Sole Purpose Of Creation;
To Burst The Imagination Blood Surge.

Defying The Mould Of Human Flesh.
Smashing The Wall Of Beliefs.
A Sight To Bring Insanity To All Dimensional Reality.

Carved From Thoughts Unthought Into A Graphic,
Visible Delusion Of Life.
A Twisted Display Of Dehumanized Features,
By Cells Reflected, Refracted.
A Frantic Dancing Of Particles,
In Pathetic Attempt At Rendering Flesh;
Swirling To Project The Illusion Of Shape,
Form, Dimension And Mass.

(Eyes Not Made For Watching.
Thousand Watt Obsidian Bulbs;
Reflective, Obversed.
The Only View Is The Barren Self)

A Walking Translucent Entity.
Void, Suspended.
Inviolate By Rules,
All Standards Of Existence.
An Electrified Vapor-Cloud.
A Skein Of Bone And Tissue.
An Atrocity,
A Liquid Form Unshaped To The Organic Norm.

A Mind Not Filled With Thoughts,
But A Random Flickering Static.
A Soulless Creature Un-Alive;
I'm The Un-Human Elastic.

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