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Melanie C – When A Boy Falls In Love lyrics

I heard them say love
Was a wonderful things
Something you can't
Hide on a shelf

But tome they no longer
Have to explain
Because I know for myself

He awakens each morn
With a smile on his face
When a boy is in love
And the world to him
Is a beautiful place
When a boy is in love

He's up and he's gone
There's no breakfast for him
Cause he lives on the love
Of his sweet little gem

The day's not through
Though it's not very long
Before he must talk
To his girl on the phone

That's how it is
When a boy falls in love

His girl's voice on the phone
Brings him wondrous delight
When a boy falls in love
If there's been any darkness
It all fades from sight
When a boy is in love

He can hardly wait
Til the moment they meet
For he knows when he sees her
His day will be complete

When they're finally alone
And he kisses her lips
The world sings a love song
And his heart turns a flip

That's how it is
When a boy falls in love

At the end of the day
The time comes, they must part
The strings of regret
Tear away at his heart

And late in the night
As he sleeps on his bed
Visions of her sweet charms
How they dance through his head

And before you know
He's buying a ring
To capture forever
That sweet darling thing

That's how it is
When a boy falls in love
Oh, that's how it is
When a boy falls in love

Woah, oh, that's how it is
When a boy falls in love
Oh, that's how it is
When a fella falls in love

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    When a boy falls in love he falls totally in love. Walks on clouds, head in a vacuum, survives until he next meets her, and is overwhelmed with exitement. But when it all goes wrong he is broken. And that stays with him for a mighty long time. Not so much the girl. I know it happened to me in the 60s. I am now 67 and would you believe I still hurt after all these years.
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