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McFly – She Falls Asleep lyrics

She falls asleep and all she thinks about is you
She falls asleep and all she dreams about is you
When she's asleep the air she's breathing is
For you are why she wants to live
And she's not got that much more to give

She sits alone on her phone
She's calling about her broken home
And I don't know what I should say
'Cause she's crying and feels as though she's
Thrown it all away and she wont last another day

You're climbing her stairs unaware
That she's hurting bad and lying very
Still on the floor by the door but it's locked
'cause she was hoping you would come back for more
But it's too late to realise you've made mistakes


Please save me I've been waiting

Please save me I've been waiting
Been aching far too long


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    This song is about suicide, and when I first heard it I cried my heart out. In my teens, I was extremely depressed and suicidal, and this song resonated so much with me. I made sure that it was the first thing I heard in 2013 and 2014 because it had changed me so much and I wanted to start my years right.
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