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MC ZULU – Ransom The Senator lyrics

We don't want a situation where the people dem a suffer thru a senseless... Revolution
Now we're dealing with the violence and they're killing one another for the politics... an illusion
They talk about peace while dividing all the people into tribal affiliations
Only one thing left for the people of the area, destruction... elimination


And so we Ransom the senator
Come mek we Ransom the senator
How many years of oppression and the innocent a suffer? So we ransom the senator
From the election we don't know what we've got... The difference with the have and have nots... So many people a suffer on your watch and so we ransom the senator

Liberate all souls from the practice of corruption hear the youth cry inna one voice
Deliver us from the valley of the shadows of destruction under gunpoint. You left us no choice
Preacher man have a Prayer for the sufferer
I and I pay a visit to de governor
Only one do the dirty work of all a them together, mek we ransom de senator...

You mek we take matters in a fi we own hands...
Thru sufferation I don't know how we live
Without protection and with no benefit
You bleed the nation, we got no more to give
And so we ransom the senator

Hear me now big it up fi de heathens question fi de in de meeting of the minds of the global business
Gimme de price whe you put 'pon treason
You talk about peace and you think about war for de benefit a capital gain
You find enemies and you make them fight from the middle a political game

Question to de warlord general
Who make you feel presidential?
If so how many more people dead why not just you and your cabinet

Who start with de first shot?
Who got all de people killing out nonstop? Not that fool on the hilltop
No sir, It's the long term senator, idiot. Believe that


Oppressor we identify
Put your hands up and keep them in sight
No more violence or bloodshed tonight
Listen up and you just might survive

From the beginning, and we don't know what we've got... The difference with the have and have nots... So many people a suffer on your watch and so we ransom the senator

Well, Jah Jah Children. This is a bloodless revolution. Blindfold the senator, shave his head, leave him in the worst neighborhood. Let him feel how it is to live without priviledge for just one night... and realize if you don't change your ways, the right time Soon Come

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