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Mc Lyte – Want What I Got lyrics

I can rock a party with a glass of Hennessey
I know I make yall sick with the way I boogie
My fake ass friends wanna hang out tonight
I抣l tell 慹m follow me then I抣l ditch 慹m at the light
I see 慹m at the club, they wanna know why I抦 whilin? Cause I smoke weed now I抦 high like a pilot
Spendin? More cheese than you throw on a salad
Hand me my mike, if you 慴out it, then I抦 慴out it

[Mc Lyte]
Mmmm, yea I抦 慴out it
Don抰 doubt it, don抰 doubt it
I抦 the mc Lyte boo but please don抰 crowd me
Cause my security might get rowdy
Make 慹m punch you out and watch your vision go cloudy
Now all you freaks wanna speak 'cause I抦 back
Stick to your gossip like the glue to your tracks
I never liked your ass, by the way, 'cause you抮e wack
Give a dog a bone so here抯 a Lyte snack

[Mocha - chorus]
Yo yo (yo) want what I got
Come through then
You at home wit? A safe you ain抰 got nothin? In
Ask how I got it and keep it comin? In
>From hustlin? Doublin? And publishin?(publishin?
Want what I got
Come through then
You at home wit? A safe you ain抰 got nothin? In (nothin? In)
Ask how I got it and keep it comin? In
>From hustlin? Doublin? And publishin?
[Mc Lyte - Verse Two]
Used to be a rookie singin? Latti Datti
Now me and Missy beco-rockin? The party
Flooded Movado ain抰 I fly though
Never let 慹m see you comin? That抯 my motto
I抦 on it, I抦 on it, I had the nigga goin? Said I was hot tomali, mind blowin? It抯 crucial, how some folks get bourgeois
Or bourgeois, did I lose you or did you lose me
Either way we miles apart
I抦 hittin? The ribbon, you at the start
I抦 never, ever, ever, gonna let you think
That your shit don抰 stink
So don抰 come around here thinkin? You can抰 get it
You抣l be the first to admit it
How you got punked by hip-hop抯 greatest
Missy and Lyte bringin? You the latest, yo yo

[Repeat chorus]

I treat niggas like they my hoe
Blaze 慹m then I go
Straight to the Nikko
Meet another Puerto Rico
Cute like tico
Copy me like kinko
You know I抦a freak, yo
I don抰 love them amigos
I抦 straight to their pockets
Bow all their sockets
I抦 plush like carpet
They wanna stick the target
I don抰 give a fuck what you rock
'cause you see what I got, want what I got

[Repeat chorus]

Want what I got

[Repeat chorus]

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