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Mathilde Santing – Hey Joan lyrics

Hey Joan, tell me why do you carry a gun around town?
I said hey Joan, why do you carry a blue steel 44, what
Are you up to?
Well I'm on my way home, and home is not a safe place
It hasn't been for a long time
The blows are coming hard and every day now,
I'm going down fast but I plan to last

Hey Joan, I heard you shot your fella down, put him in
The ground
Hey Joan, I heard you really did shoot that man
Straight through the heart, ow!
Yes I did, I shot him, he's been takin' it out on me
Long enough now
I put a hole in his heart so I can breathe and live to
See another day

Hey Joan, where you gonna run to now, I said where you
Gonna go?
Hey Joan, where can you possibly run to now?
The law's bound to catch up
Well I'm not going anywhere, you know I'm free now, no
Matter what
The law can't hurt me now
Ain't no one gonna stop me from breathing, no sir
Yes I did, I put a gun to the man's heart, there was no
Other way
Hey I'm okay!
'Cause I'm free now, free...
Anyone can see, it was a simple case! A simple case:
Him or me
Can't you see, can't you see that's what it was
Yes I did, I shot him down to the ground... Can't you
See I'm free now, free...
No one's gonna stop me from breathing
I wanna live, I wanna breathe, I wanna see another day
I'm okay

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