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Mary-kate & Ashley Olsen – Gimme The Life Of A Pirate lyrics

Pirates, pirates, action, daring do
What if we could get to be part of a pirate crew?
Shiver me timbers, ready about, pack me lunch, we're shipping out
With the scurbiest bucket of scubber scum ever blown to kingdom come

You mean us?
You! You!
Well I'll be a rusty blunder bus

Yo ho glory be gimme a life of piracy
Load me cannon and fire it
Gimme the life of a pirate

Girls, girls take it from me the roving life of piracy
Is less than it's cracked up to be
Much less?
For instance, if I might digress
Pirate ships do not have showers
Arr arr there she blows
Pirates so not smell like flowers
Here come pirates hold your nose!
Big deal
Buckle me squash
If we were pirates we'd never wash
Oh my gosh!
The pirate life for me

Hail, hail glory be gimme the life of larceny
Gimme a perch and a carrot, arrk for the life of a parrot
This is absurd!
Loose the bird!

Yo ho glory be gimme the life of... Parrocy
Load me cannon and fire it
Gimme the life of a pirate

Shiver me timber!
Alas me mateys!

Pirates do not have bed times
Yo ho ready about
Measle shots are other dread times
Pack their lunch, they're shipping out

I do miss the looting and the pillage and the plunder
And the mayhem and the bedlam and the cannon shot like thunder
And I love the jolly rodger, that's the flag that we sailed under
Gimme the, gimme the, gimme the life of a pirate

Arr arr glory be gimme the life of piracy
Load me cannon and fire it
As a career we admire it
How could you help but desire it?
It's the pirate life
Arrk the parrot life
The life for me
Gimme the life of a pirate

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