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The Mars Volta – Agadez lyrics

I shoulda known you'd always scratch that itch
When you asked me for safe passage on my shoulders where we slid
And just before you laid dead weight upon its shores
I stung you in the face for that's the nature of my core
Because I got distance, don't let it close
Gotta let me know, you've just gotta let me know
Because forget which way is out now
Gotta let me know, you've just gotta let me know

I'm nowhere near this place you wear
It's unforgivable, it knows that I am visible
I'm broken mirrors and useless prayer
This lock is healing me, ya know you come so willingly

Waiting is a vessel that will take me to
Love it knows no order when you taste the truth
Because I'm trapped in this cement husk
Gotta let me go, you've just gotta let me go
Because I paid with my own touch now
I brought a little cut, there is blood for every month
In the way you used to call her wicked answers
Time is a plague, there's no time in this place
If ya don't, if you don't let me go
Heaven's made a cesspool of us all


There burns a kiss with serpent scales
There is no miracle
I lost your miracle

I'm nowhere near this place you wear
It's unforgivable, it knows that I am visible

I wrap myself around your buried question
Through the blisters of confinement
I seek to drain this broken shelter
To refill the pigment case that I have left

Don't stay long for teeth nurse the first wound
Coats revolve, hope to gain
What if we find what tongue ties double windsor?
Invoke to no reply
Those that lie have froze at the border
No implies close the frame
What if we find the sunlight draws a curtain?
Invoke to no reply

There's a place where this depth charge ignites
In this place where the soul has no purpose
I can't believe you when your thirst won't let me go
I am the moment you were always speaking of because there's...

No fence will hold the sentient
Culprit fall about it
Say when I can enter them
Culprit fall about it
One fell, the other taste won't lie
Make no doubt about it

How many blame, how many cave into the pressure I apply?
[x5 to fade]

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