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Manticora – Roots Of Eternity lyrics

[Part one]



[Part two]


I can't see whether it's me or my blood that drags me down
Thoughts in my head tell me I'm not even around
I can't see no solution to the suffering of the weakest creature of all
One for me is the rope around my neck but I don't want the curtain to fall

Illusions of better days - ignored
Buried in a state of mind - absorbed

I don't care anymore cause my world is gone
No hope for you - no hope for me
No hope for everyone

How can I tell the truth when I don't even know if it's the truth I tell
Damn it, my friend, I don't care if you won't help
But would you please then put me into my shell
Draw a line in the sand to keep me knowing where your boundaries explode
I don't wish to die but if I had the choice I'd rather not corrode

I will always cry inside - Profane
Inapproachable, yes - insane

I don't care anymore cause my world is gone
No hope for you - no hope for me
No hope for everyone

Carved in me to make it last, read it through the splintered glass
Swallowed whole my only hope to lift the grief hiding from the past
Dare not look into these eyes all too aware of the pain i'll find
But I can't resist the temptation search for my soul to leave it all behind

All locked doors inside my head - betrayed
Shadows haunt my loneliness - depraved

[Part three]

[Last cry]

I quite don't know why I smiled back then
It must have been a memory
Of a place that I have been

Sorry if I said too much and now you know my name
It's just a way to hide myself
Can you tell me why I came
There's no miracles no more and life it goes it's ways
Water feels like fire
In my hands i'll find my face

For much to long I had my conscience on the floor
Been drifting in a circle till I smashed my head
Into the door

[Part four]

[The end]

It's because the roots are no longer below
They're dead and it's easy to show
Take my hand let's walk through the night
Wait for the end - There's no reason to fight

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