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Maino – World Famous lyrics

They can’t fuck with us,
Come on, man!

The fourth fifth with the hoster,
Louie Lofa’s champagne in the glass,
Crashed in the rover,
For six days I ain’t for sober can’t slow up,
Woke up bout of my mind I’m hung over,
Top for the globe just me and my dogs,
The sign on the... Of the world os...
Reminiscent on friends I caught fellonies with
In the truck get licked by celebrity bitch
From the block to the whips that’s a half a mile
This is Brooklyn rest in peace, half a mile,
This the world famous, we rise and still banging,
Screaming out real my niggas can’t...
Nine bottles turn kiss in the white models,
D hang all over my neck, I can’t hide though
Mafia this year nigags gonna learn
We connected moving like we was the firm, yeah

World, world famous
World famous, famous
World, world famous
World famous, famous

Jesus piece with the gold link
Black bens door’s up, good gold wing,
Will your girl been, wonder where she coming from
Rapped around my three piece like we come...
Ladies know the name never confused me
I’m Gucci that’s... 2 G pop roses,
Slide with a gold little...
Intentions on slipping my pockets and rule think
Now normally I got class like a five hour,
Be round on the tops, Steve hots hour,
And tryin to push begonies signed the benny hind in
When I play the roll for the mob like could you find her
Play the haters you don’t speak on,
My team run all this green, our clicks on
4 4 long nigga get your speaks on
We don’t real speak much, we just get out heat on

World, world famous
World famous, famous
World, world famous
World famous, famous

Look, pop off, I’m all cynic, you a nack off
This is vintage, og sixes,
Had to learn to stay away from all this slow licked is popped them
Now you swear like that gold tiff nigga you steal living
Can you owe me nigga, this is now
You’re screaming out you owe me nigga,
It’s obvious you don’t know me nigga,
It’s lucky dawn I stand front awaiting my damn turn
You’re hating this man burn
Through it up, light up
He ain’t real, he a damn liar,
Talked to mouth like a in fire,
Living that life, vampire,
The mafia is the empire,
We all... Mind is the whire,
Got a bad red bitch that remind me a whire
Dj take it back like time a tire,
You’re tryin to get rich and front shit mind is the prior,

World, world famous
World famous, famous
World, world famous
World famous, famous

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