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Maino – Never Gon' Stop lyrics

I guess this what they cause it
I gotta stand talking full of get a...
I ain't never gon stop now
No I ain't never gon stop now
I'm a victim of the game
They only got a rule that I'm tryin to maintain
And I'm never gon stop now
Now I'm never gon stop now
It is...

Your trap is a success the money a stress
The ups and downs, the jury on my neck
The hate, the love, the tattoos on my flash
The club, the drug, the liquor on my breath
My haters on my... The groupies in my room
I hate to be in lames, uncomfortable with goons
I try to be the... Just still I...
People say I'm 80 behind my successful
My friends... My homies in the...
You could feel my pain and it gonna feel the...
The critics say I'm fly but my... Say a million
My baby mama flippin say this game maybe different
To me and my trippin too much too sippin
Wakin up and tellies too many different women
Looking I'm living
The parties the drinking
I'm high, I'm low, oh no I'm thinking


The cause, the clothes, the friend, the hoes
My blood, my swept, my tip, ym soul
The truth, the lies, the songs,
The... I'm happy,... What happen my life
I'm got up in this world
I feel me... And see my son in weeks
And see my family neither
'Cause people say I'm changing
My enemies is... They can't believe I'm famous
Am I really winnin 'cause I can take you loses
Another girl is pregnant that's one more portion
Catch me 'cause I'm fallin I hear thing callin
But tell me why I'm spillin like my life is in the tall in
Tell me who to trust I don't know who...
I don't know who's... I don't know if this...
I don't know who's... I don't know if this...
I don't know if this a fan or a... Tryin to kill me
Thinking to myself it was easy before
Got in the game but it got all complicated


The joy, the pain, the hook, the game
Stage the lights, they yelling my name
Tryin bell this... I don't... To stand like
I don't know what plus my cousin please why you takin so light
Well I'm feeling like it was simple and it was pour
Baby I'm alcoholic lately I've been drinking more
Lately I've been feeling stressed what it got...
Damn what a life this gonna be the captain...


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