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Machine Gun Kelly – STFU lyrics

We got the beat, we got the beat
Shut the fuck up
With yo loud ass, while I turn shit up with my jump in the crowd ass
While I burn shit up with my just coped an eighth and you gone watch me
Blow this loud pack
Bitch don't come back in here your not a loud ass
Just shut the fuck up
Bitch stop tryin' to be fly
Bitch take off the glasses it's dark as fuck we ain't outside bitch
And bring some more of your bitches, stop bringing guys
It's 3 am you either fuck or know get the fuck out the ride bitch


With yo rap model and sing ass
With yo bitch you don't do a damn thing ass
With yo "oh my god, I think I'm gonna come up on stage with you" bitch no
You ain't ass
With yo "can I like have a drink?" bitch no you can't ass
Just shut the fuck up
Using my government name like you know me
Dapped you up in school one time, now you my homie fuck off
Now I got 20 single dollars for whichever (one ya'll one-off?)
And makes everyone one of them sh-sh-sh-Shut the fuck up


With yo wanna shake my hand ass
With yo "hey white boy let me hear you rap" ass
With yo 45 years old trynna be my fuckin' ma "pull up yo pants" ass
With my "bitch pull em down and kiss my ass" ass
Just shut the fuck up
With yo online thugin', trynna be tough
With yo see me in the streets and say what's up? "what's Up?"
The only person even worthy of dissin' me on the come up, is my damn self
Aiyyo Kells.
Shut the fuck up
Only person even worthy of dissin' me on the come up, is my damn self
Aiyyo Kells.
Just shut the fuck up

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