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Macabre – Slaughter Thy Poser lyrics

Album: (off single The Wall Of Sleep)
Slaughter thy poser I=B9m tracking him down.
Pushing him into the ground.
=2E..... Stomp on there head
All posers should be dead
=2E... And gleaming and enjoying his pain.
Carving away =8Ctill it breaks.
He said he got an infection from drinking his blood.
Beating the corpse that remains
Torturing them with our weapons of pain
All of their blood we will drain.
Swinging my axe, off comes their head
All of the posers are dead
=2E.. Wouldn't be very nice
All posers will die by our hands
We=B9ll rip off there ear and burn out their eyes
All of the blood....
Slaughter thy poser I=B9m cracking his face
=2E... On my face
Plunging my ice pick, stab out their eyes
All of the posers will die.
Slaughter thy poser I laugh as he begs.
I saw off his arms and his legs
You faggot, you poser, you cannot escape.
=2E...... Rape.
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