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Maarja – City Life lyrics

The street wise guys the real cool
Types/Look at me from every
Corner I''m passing by/The traffic
Lights the red stop signs/I pay
Them no mind
I'm on a roll all systems go/Don't
Quite recall the last time/I felt this
Fine/I'm sorry if you don't agree
But this day belongs to me/
Don't care if I'm alone ni I don't
Care if I'm not home it is mine
(Chorus)My city life my all time
High/And I won't leave no I'll
Never leave it again/My city life
My perfect ride/I just can't leave
No I'll never leave it again/The
Rhythm of the city beats in my
Heart so unable to leave
The neon lights the sky scraping
Heights/They do their best to
Keep the night alive/They're on
My side all through this ride
But this night belongs to me/
Don't care if I'm alone no I don't
Care if, I'm not home
Today I'm in love with anyone
Who's in love with me/But I am
Happy just walking around and
Be what I am and be where I am
My city life my all time high/And
I won't leave no I'll never leave
Here again/No I won't leave/No
I'll never leave again
I promise you forever true and/I
Won't leave no I'll never leave
You again/I promise you what-
Ever I do and I won't leave no I'll
Never leave you again no no

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