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Lyfe Jennings – I'll Always Love You lyrics


I, had to come back with something what's, on my heart ya'll I,
mean you like to look at dem girls in those short shorts all dat good stuff but, don't let it fool you man dem, short shorts don't compare to dat women you got at home man and, you gon miss her when she's gone -Verse
1- Never

miss a good thing till it's gone I,
never meant to hurt you girl I was wrong I,
always knew that one day you would move on wit, yo life But,
I guess in, the back of my mind I,
thought you would come home one more time ah, I
heard it through the grapevine you got a man They,
say he treats you good an he makes ya laugh I'm,
happy for ya baby and, I aint mad at you May,
all your kids do good in school And,
may your dreams you have come true and, I will Chorus
* I'll*

always love you girl, I'll, always care And,
girl you gotta know that, i'll always love you girl, and, no matter where you know that my love is never far -Verse

2- A
happy womens worth her weight in gold Loneliness,
is good, for the soul Expensive,
places lovely, faces come and, go But
you only find your soul mate once And,
if you miss your chance you'll never find it again I,
can't complain I did this to myself You,
needed me and I wasn't there to help It,
breaks my heart to see you loving someone else I,
will give anything I own If,
I could just have my baby home Chorus


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