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Lucky Boys Confusion – Something To Believe lyrics

Popped up this morning just a little off center
God fearing world, I'm so afraid to enter
Haven't decided what to do
Looking back, looking over my shoulder
Still agnostic, every day it gets older
Haven't decided what to do
Holy books, so many flaws no answers
Believe in him, or fear him like a cancer
Haven't decided what to do
Bible banging, slanging Jesus at my door
Hey son, this is something you can't afford
Haven't decided what to do
Oh, give me somethign to believe
So many down on their knees
It baffles me, baffles me
Popped up this morning like nipples in the winter
God fearing world, I'm so afraid to enter
Haven't decided what to do
After life, after death uncertain
Choose your side before they're dropping the curtain
Haven't decided what to do
Where do I go for my inspiration
Go with the flow, with the standing ovation
Haven't decided what to do
Standing idle, waiting for doomsday
Damned if you do, damned if you don't say
Haven't decided what to do
Learned my lesson from history
I'm not claiming to be Jesus Christ and company
I am needy, I'm a thief
I'm not claiming to have role model qualities
But here's a lesson,
From a poor boy who don't believe in destiny
Be good to one another, set yourself free
All the pieces they fall together

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