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Lord Toph – Wanna Love Ya lyrics

When you walked in the room
I said what the hell
I was taken aback
An’ anybody could tell
I don’t really know what it was
But I just hafta thank them stars above
I just wanna love ya baby
I keep thinkin’ of ya baby

I wanna talk to ya
But what can I say
Every time I look over
You just look away
They say that the reason why
Is that you promised to another guy
I know he can’t love ya
Not like I can
There’s a whole world of difference
In a guy and a man
And it’s startin’ to look like somebody lied
You’re more curious than you’re satisfied
I can’t help it girl
You so fine
You’d have me sprung at the drop of a dime

I wanna wanna
Love you baby
I wanna wanna
Love you baby
You’re what I need
Yes indeed
Honey you gotta a man but he ain’t me

You prob’ly been thinkin’
That you outta my league
Hangin’ out witchyo friends
In saditty scenes
But I don’t need to see nobody
To know that I just wanna love that body
Now go tell ya friends as well as ya man
That you got bigger plans
And it ain’t with them
So go get yo purse and yo
Hat and gloves
I’m gonna show you
What it means to be loved
(Yeah – alright)

I wanna wanna
Love you baby
I wanna wanna
Love you baby

You what I need yes indeed
Honey you got a man but it ain’t me
I’m gonna gonna
Love you baby
I’m gonna gonna
Love you baby

So go tell ya mamma as well as yo paw
That you met a dude from Arkansas
And he say
That he gonna love you like nobody can
So you leavin’ the boy now for the man
I said yeah
I’m gonna gonna gonna…

(Adlibs to chorus)

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