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Loggy – Vibrations lyrics

Got a citation for my noise violation
Cuz the sound from my room shook the police station
Couldn't give a care, bout the racket that I'm makin
Cuz I shared my whole set with the cop, while I waited
High through his ears and saw his pupils dilating
And the color of the melody made him embrace it
Taught Johnny law to turn a brand new page then
Listen to what moves you and never be ashamed man

Never be ashamed man
Cuz time really flies
Never be ashamed man
Cuz time really flies
Never be ashamed man

Fill it to the brim, overflowing just right
It's a vibration uproar, the track to my life
The music sticks around yeah just like we wanted
Cuz the kickback at this pad just got started
Knowin whole hearted, and fully as well
That the speakers in my chest are why I'm feelin so swell
Can you tell, that I'm just like you
I got an amp in my voice box I rap into
And a headphone outlet injected in my hip
So we can all stay connected through our memory chips
With my eardrums bumpin through my spinal chord
Don't let the song get scratched that's what vinyl's for

That's what vinyls for
Cuz time really flies
That's what vinyls for
Cuz time really flies
That's what vinyls for

Mixtape lps cause a hullabaloo
Fixate tell me, you must be gullible to
They said there's music on the ceiling we looked straight at the roof
And we had a little spill when I funneled the juice
Need proof? A student filmed on location
Whole ton of music with some heavy rotation
Shuffle, repeat, man it's just that neat
Can't get through the day without my tune routine
Go out and break a leg somebody shake the keg
Cuz the vibes pound better when we all get a taste
When we all get a taste, it's impossible to waste
Plus the memories are great when the crew is faced
Keep the pace, cuz the meter might shift
And the bpm will swoop in and it'll give us a lift
Think it all goes fast when you're having some fun
Time really flies with the vibrations

Drop the stress pickup the record
Drop the chess pickup the checkers
Drop the beat and pickup the measure
Drop the heat and pickup the warm weather

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