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Lloyd Banks – What Goes Around lyrics

(feat. 50Cent & dj Whoo Kid)

[Intro: 50Cent {Dj Whoo Kid}]
G-Unit! Haha! {Lloyd bank$!}

[Bridge: Lloyd Bank$ singing]
I don't know where you from but out here we ride
So if you scared of conflict don't come outside
I'm on a high - get your hands on a gun
Cause ain't no one gonna respect you as a man if you run. - Dial 9-1-1! {Get back!}

[Lloyd Bank$ & (50Cent):]
I'm hear talkin' to the street now
That's only gonna - lead to bulletwounds and beatdown's, retreat clown.
You still strugglin' - down to your last rock (uh-huh!)
G-Unit is Gorillas and Blackchild's the mascot. (this is God!)
You thought you wouldn't hear my voice, I'm in the hood cuz I'm hood (uh-huh! Uh-huh!)
You in the hood cause you ain't got no choice. (yeah!)
Your top seller gettin' sticked for his shine either I'm blind,
Or Ashanti's sideburns is thicker than mine. (Thicker than mine!) {Shadyville!}
I'm! - Youngest in charge with - my dick in a dime (wooo!)
Grippin' the. 9, sippin' that lime, Bacardi in a party. You sorry! (uh-huh!)
I'm blowin' wet green right out the safari
That'll put you in a left lean higher than a Marley. (Oh! Oh!)
And as far as Charlie, a studio hour is a waste
She look like she took a bag of flour in the face.
You want street credibility instead of I'ma sting you
C'mon Ja, you put a fuckin' crackhead on your single. (Oh! Oh!)

[Chorus: 50Cent]
What goes up? Must come down

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