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Lloyd Banks – Picture This lyrics

Can you picture another girl here to ride with you
I get around, I'll probably never tell you how I miss you
The hair on top of her on a fly nigga
You're here now, right, wrong we at it all night long

[Verse 1]
Baby picture me and you without the status
None of these losers had this [?], only focused on what matters
Mac-11 when my leg in, fuck my angel back to heaven
Dime easily, that attitude going make me add a seven, uh
Living like what I rap 'bout on the regular
Baby you made me tap out, you a legend
I pray I live a lifestyle like this forever
So every hour, every minute, every second
I'm dime stretching, murdered by her mid section
Karma lies in complexion and I dougie when I'm sexing
Breathe baby, you gonna love me in a second
Enter my beautiful world where the ugly ain’t accepted
Your sex is like a weapon, you snobby when you love me
This shit gon' take some time, girl I love you for your effort
Heartbreaker and I probably broke a record
Looking for someone who wanna party and forget it


[Verse 2]
Woke up in the morning in the middle again
Some phone vids, pics of me, you and your friend
Can’t go to sleep without a ten [?]
You hear things like murder screams when I’m in
I’m in the pussy so deep I feel her heartbeat
Want two tens not a

All I hear is slow down, that’s when I speed up
Tag teaming Sabrina, me add Maria
I got a lock on her mind, don’t try to free her
Hold on that til next, I’ll see ya when I see ya


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