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Liz Anderson – Never Ever lyrics

I'll never never never never never never never never
Never ever never ever I know I'll never never ever
Never never never ever never love again
For ever ever ever ever after ever ever after yes for ever after ever after
I will never ever love again

I tried and tried and tried and tried you know you know how hard I tried
But you were never saitis you were never really satisfied
And so I sat and sat and cried and cried the whole night long
Somehow somehow it doesn't matter doesn't matter matter now
It doesn't matter anyhow cause anywhere I looked and you were gone
I'll never never...

They say they say they say they say they say
There's something that I've heard them say
I know there's something that they say oh what a heck is if they say
I remember now they say that I'll find someone new
You'll pay you'll pay someday you'll pay someday you're gonna really pay
I know someday you're gonna pay for everything I've heard them say is true
You broke it broke it broke it broke it you dropped my heart and broke it
You dropped my heart and broke it and you broke it into pieces
Oh you broke my heart to pieces yes my heart you broke in two
You're free you're free you're free from me and free from me you'll always be
And now you now you see you see
Now you like me you're free from me we're through

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